Shabbat Recipe Round-Up

This week’s Shabbat menu is the first in a while that isn’t inspired by the season or the calendar. Mostly, I found these Mediterranean recipes inspiring as they popped up in my Google Reader and Twitter feed over the course of the past week. I thought you might like them, too!

Set your table with bowls of this tangy balsamic roasted chickpeas for your guests to munch on while you’re serving the salad and putting the finishing touches on everything.

For those of you with CSAs that are already clogging your refrigerators with leafy greens, this recipe for white beans and chickory is a versatile and delicious way to use the tougher outer leaves. You can also use escarole, kale, and chard instead of the chickory.

Chicken with artichoke and mushrooms adds a bit of a twist and moisture to the standard roasted chicken recipe.

As a side dish, serve Brussels’ sprouts with shallots and hazelnuts to provide texture and zing to the meal.

I am dying to make this Almond Olive Oil Cake from one of my favorite food blogs, Lottie and Doof. I love the nutty flavor olive oil gives to baked goods and it makes for great pareve baking without margarine or Crisco. This recipe does call for a browned butter glaze, so if you’re serving this with a meat meal, consider making the glaze without the butter or just mix powdered sugar, almond milk, and a bit of vanilla.

And don’t forget–you only have until May 16th to enter the contest to win Olive Trees and Honey, a cookbook that is sure to inspire many Shabbat menus to come!

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