Shabbat Recipe Round-Up

Sometimes it’s not just what’s in season that helps me decide what to eat, but how the season feels. Today was sunny and breezy. The air smelled sweet. Seriously, it did. This menu is all about capturing that feeling in a spring meal.

I highly recommend introducing your vegan (and non-vegan) friends to this Greek challah. As a sourdough novice, I’ve been working on perfecting this recipe for sourdough Pan de Horiadaki. It’s tangy from the sourdough and full of flavor from the olive oil.

Nothing says rejuvenation like fresh mint. Incorporate it into your meal with some lemonade or in a salad, like cucumber and tomato or, if you’re going the dairy route, watermelon and feta.

This pan-roasted, herb-seasoned Greek grilled chicken looks light and crisp. Serve it with some oven-roasted red potatoes and your seasonal vegetable of choice cooked with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt.

Finish off your meal with a refreshing rhubarb granita, i.e. gourmet slushy. You can even revisit your childhood by serving it in playful snow cone cones.

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Shabbat Recipe Round-Up

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Shabbat Recipe Round-Up

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