Same Restaurant, New Attitude?

Over the Summer a new restaurant made waves all over the New York area media – a new, super-chic kosher restaurant called Jezebel was opening in Soho. This was going to be the restaurant to eat at, to be seen at and the kosher restaurant to finally break the mold  – as trendy as a non-kosher restaurant; as delicious as a non-kosher restaurant; and as expensive as any other restaurant in the Soho neighborhood attracting a hip crowd, Jewish and non-Jewish alike.

I tried to get a reservation at Jezebel, and couldn’t. So I just showed up, and was rudely told I wouldn’t be able to order anything at the bar. I asked around, and didn’t hear rave reviews about the food (or the treatment of staff) from my fellow bloggers and Jewish foodies, and so I just moved on. While I don’t exclusively eat in kosher restaurants, I have sampled enough kosher fare in NYC, LA, Washington, DC and Israel to know the difference between the kosher restaurants that will last, and the ones that will open and close as fast as you can say chutzpah.

My own preferences for kosher establishments in the New York area include Soom Soom (UWS and midtown), The Hummus Place (multiple locations), and Chopstix in New Jersey – places that are unpretentious, consistently good and where you can get a decent, kosher meal for less than $15.

I recently had an email exchange with the PR manager from Jezebel, and he shared that the restaurant had made some significant changes since their rocky opening over the summer and I should come and give them a second chance – new chef, lower priced menu (no more $18 cocktails!) and what seems like a new attitude.

So in the spirit of the holidays, forgiveness and new beginnings, my husband and I are heading there this weekend to see for ourselves. Date nights being scarce in our house with a 6 month old…I am hoping our night out will be worth it! Stay tuned for my update next week.

In the meantime…Shabbat Shalom everyone!


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