Salmon Candy Is Coming to a Store Near You

This sweet and smoky treat might be our new favorite way to eat salmon.

When you hear “salmon candy” it may conjure terrifying images of a fishy-tasting sucking candy dug up from the bottom of your grandmother’s purse. But that is not exactly the kind of candy I am talking about.

Similar to jerky, salmon candy is made by smoking salmon with brown sugar, giving it a sweet and smoky flavor profile.

Salmon candy is actually a popular snack found in the Pacific Northwest, where there’s an abundance of salmon. It’s so popular that you can even find some awesome salmon candy at gas stations.

Well, for those of you who think salmon candy sounds like the delicious treat missing in your life, there is good news: ACME Smoked Fish Corp, a family-owned company that is the leading smoked fish purveyor in the U.S., is selling their own salmon candy, bringing this regional treat to the masses. Currently, ACME’s salmon candy is available at Stop and Shop locations throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey, and should be available at other specialty food stores soon.

The salmon candy is being billed as a healthy snack — it is double smoked with brown sugar, packaged into individual portions, and is made without artificial preservatives. Personally, I am down to try any kind of candy, whether it’s made from fish, sugar, or both.


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