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PSA: Everything Bagel Ice Cream Is Back

Whether you love it, or love to hate it, this unique flavor has returned.

It’s a simple fact: Food-lovers from coast to coast have strong feelings about their bagels. For ample evidence, just look at any of the debates over the best bagel flavor, where the best bagels are made or what you absolutely should not do to a bagel

So when Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams debuted its controversial Everything Bagel ice cream last year, people had some extremely impassioned reactions. While some critics kvelled over the combination of cream cheese ice cream and everything bagel “gravel” (buttery streusel blended with onions, garlic, cayenne, and sesame and poppy seeds) as “the answer to life, the universe, everything,” others kvetched, calling it an “abject horror.”

Well, to those who love it and those who love to hate it: rejoice! Jeni’s Everything Bagel ice cream is coming back.

Starting March 21 and for a limited time while supplies last, Everything Bagel ice cream will be available for purchase in Jeni’s 60 nationwide scoop shops or on their website. (Don’t worry, they ship nationwide too!) 

The relaunch of Jeni’s Everything Bagel flavor comes after the initial release in January 2021 “sold out in record time, leaving thousands of people waiting for its return.”

Regardless of where you stand on their product, Jeni’s innovative twist on the everything bagel actually falls in line with the inventive origins of this particular bagel flavor. After all, everything bagels are a fairly recent development; they were invented in 1980 by a teenaged employee of a Queens bagel shop who, after cleaning out the shop’s ovens, suggested a bagel flavor be created with the excess toppings from the ovens.  May we never stop finding new, creative ways to enjoy bagels.

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