Montreal vs. New York Bagels: What’s the Difference?

Learn more about the subtle differences of each beloved bagel.

Have you always wondered: what is the difference between Montreal-style bagels and New York-style bagels? They are both delicious, but they do have some subtle differences in both taste and the baking technique.

We recently had the chance to spend time at Black Seed Bagels in New York City, baking with Dianna Daoheung, Executive Chef, where we learned a few key differences about their bagels.

First, their bagels are Montreal-inspired, not strictly Montreal-style, and so the result is a hybrid between New York and Montreal bagels. The bagels are smaller in size than a typical New York bagel, softer on the outside and the dough is made with honey. Another key difference: each bagel is hand-rolled and baked in a wood oven and turned twice during baking time.

Watch the full video with food writer Devra Ferst to learn more about bagel baking, but you may want to grab a nosh first – the bagels are seriously drool-inducing. Or if you are ambitious, make your own with Black Seed’s recipe on

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