Philly’s Famous Dizengoff Hummus Comes to New York City

This is big news for hummus-obsessed New Yorkers: Cookbook author and restaurateur Michael Solomonov’s beloved hummus joint, Dizengoff, is open for business in the Chelsea Market! You’ll no longer have to schlep to Philadelphia to try this award-worthy ultra-smooth hummus.

They opened today at 10 am, serving hummus with a variety of toppings, like lamb, avocado peanut, and eggs. Also on the menu is shakshuka, and three kinds of innovative, seasonal salads featuring kohlrabi, carrots and pistachios.

According to the New York Times, Solomonov intends to expand from this 18-seater spot in Chelsea: “I don’t think we’re opening in New York for just one location.”

While hummus bars–called hummusiya in Israel–have been popular in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for years, they’re a relatively new addition to New York’s restaurant landscape. We don’t think they’ll have any problem catching on here, though.

If you can’t make it to NYC or Philly, try Solomonov’s recipe for Turkish Coffee Ice Cream, one of our favorite recipes from Solomonov’s award-winning cookbook, “Zahav.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 3.11.59 PM

From Dizengoff NYC’s Instagram.

Top photo from Dizengoff’s Facebook page.


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