Meet the Kimchi-Infused Falafel Taco in NYC

If you stuff your falafel sandwich with pickled turnips and cucumbers, what’s stopping you from adding something pickled to your falafel batter?

Brooklyn’s Domo Taco went there, and as far as we know, created the only Israeli-Korean-Mexican fusion out there (are there others?). This $4 taco comes on toasty corn tortillas topped with all the best fixings that these cuisines have to offer: pico de gallo, montery jack cheese, miso cabbage slaw, and crema.

The kimchi-infused falafel, though, was the best part. Its crispy fried and crunchy exterior gave way to a flavor-packed chickpea filling with just a hint of something sour and gingery–perfect for all those pickle-lovers out there.

We’re not sure exactly how they make their kimchi-infused falafel, but we’re going to give it our best shot. Next time you’re making falafel from scratch, try adding a Tablespoon of kimchi to your favorite Israeli falafel mix. If you prefer to buy your falafel to go (why not?) add some kimchi as a topping.

Here are some more kimchi-infused Jewish recipes to try:

Kimchi Matzah Brei from The Mash-Up Americans
Kimchi Quesadilla Latkes from What Jew Wanna Eat
Sweet Potato Latkes with Scallions and Kimchi from Feed Me Pheobe
Kimchi Hummus from Brisket & Bagels

What’s next? Kimchi shakshuka? We sure hope so.

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