Just When You Thought Bagels Couldn’t Get Any Better

The ultimate way to start your day.

For weeks I have been receiving emails with headlines such as: “What she really wants for Mother’s Day.” And I can finally say I found it.

According to the NY Post, Einstein Brothers Bagels is coming out with the ultimate morning bagel: a caffeine-infused bagel. Unlike the flamin’ Cheeto bagel of my nightmares, this double whammy coffee-and-bagel combo seems like a match made in heaven. The bagel will be infused with espresso and coffee-cherry flour (note: Trader Joe’s is currently selling its own coffee flour) producing a bagel that has 32 milligrams of caffeine, about a third of a typical 8-ounce cup of coffee.

Just enough of a jolt to keep busy ladies (like me) going without getting the jitters. In addition to the coffee bagel, Einstein Brothers is also rolling out a cherry chia seed bagel and a protein-packed savory Parmesan bagel.

So instead of buying mom some pajamas or floral body cream or a scented candle this year, get her what she has really been dreaming about: carbs and coffee.

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