Ina Garten Confirms What Bubbes Already Know: Roast Chicken Has Magical Powers

Roast chicken is delicious, and apparently, can cause you to get married.

Earlier this week news was released that Britain’s Prince Harry became engaged to American actress Meghan Markle after – holy Jewish comfort food batman! – she cooked him a roast chicken. And in case you were wondering, no Meghan Markle isn’t Jewish, though we congratulate the couple all the same.

American cooking goddess Ina Garten was quick to wish the couple congratulations on their engagement, declaring “I always knew roast chicken had magical powers.”


And of course, we agree: Friday night roast chicken is Jewish comfort food at its best and one of those dishes you absolutely must conquer, whether or not you’re trying to snag a spouse. Here are 25 ways to make Friday night chicken and make sure to watch our short video below to master this magical classic. Make Ina proud.