How to Set the Ultimate Hanukkah Table

There is more to Hanukkah than just latkes and sufganiyot–the holiday table is important as well! A beautifully decorated table creates a memorable and magical ambiance for your home.

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With some creativity and recycling of items you already own, you can create a festive and meaningful Hanukkah gathering. This year, I decided to go with a woodland theme, complete with DIY Hanukkah snow globe centerpieces.

Feel free to use your own table linens, dishes and Chanukah trinkets to replicate this table design.

Table Setting 3


Table runner/tablecloth



Napkins (does not have to be cloth)

Ribbon (for the “napkin rings”)

Tree trimmings from your yard

Gelt coins


Candle votives/small plates

DIY Chanukah Snow Globes:

Cake stands and domes

Kosher salt

Any Chanukah trinkets you might have, i.e., menorah shaped napkin rings, mini holiday wrapped presents, gelt, sequins, beads, small children’s Chanukah crafts etc.


Spray paint, optional

Hanging Chanukah Mug Cookies:

Chanukah cookies


Blue and white candy canes

Tall mugs


Table Runner/Tablecloth

To begin, I started with a blue velvet table runner, followed by the plates, silverware, and napkins tied with ribbon.

Using cuttings of pine branches from my yard, I then placed them on top of the runner.

I added gelt coins and candles in votives to the table.

Then, I added the cake stands down the center of the table.

Table Setting 5

DIY Hanukkah Snow Globes

First, carefully fill your cake stands with kosher salt. Then, place your desired Chanukah “trinkets” on top of the salt, and cover with a glass cake dome.

To match my color theme, I spray painted plastic dreidels silver. This gave the table the elegant and sophisticated look I was going for.

Table Setting 2

Hanging Hanukkah Mug Cookies

Place frosting on the back of your decorated cookies. Stick a candy cane onto it. Spread some more frosting on top of the candy cane stem to ensure they stick (use a generous amount to ensure they stick). Place in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.  Do not freeze for too much longer or the candy cane hook will crack. “Hook” the cookies onto the mugs.

To complete your table setting, light the candles.

I hope you all take the time to enjoy the splendor of what you’ve created in your homes. Happy Hanukkah!

Hook Cookie 2

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