Happy Passover from The Nosher

Everyone focuses on the food and the kosherness at Passover, but the really important part is the storytelling and tradition, right? My own favorite part of Passover is the mitzvah of hachnasat orchim, or welcoming guests. Three years ago my husband and I started hosting second night Seder for my small family and for any random friends or acquaintances who didn’t have a place at a Seder. And this year we will heave nearly 20 people in our tiny apartment! We really do love welcoming people into our home year-round, and especially at Passover.

With all the pr
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epping and shopping and cleaning and cooking it’s easy to lose sight of the meaning behind the holiday. And so to all you fellow foodie balebustas out there, I hope you can take a moment to sit back, enjoy your hard work and relish this time with family, friends and guests. And don’t forget to have a drink, or two or four. I mean, I won’t tell if you just stick a straw in the bottle…

Wishing you a very Happy Passover! Chag Kasher v’Sameach!




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