Hanukkah Gift Guide for Jewish Food Lovers of All Ages

Hanukkah is less than one month away. Yup, it starts at sundown on Sunday, December 6th, and so it’s time to start crossing people off your gift list. Here are a few of my favorite food-related finds for every friend and family member. After all, almost everyone loves a food-related gift.

Unique edible gifts

edible gifts1

It’s hard to go wrong with a present you can eat. Here are some of my favorite new finds for your Hanukkah noshing.

Gelt-Filled Chocolate Dreidels

Challah Menorah (and yes this is one of Oprah’s favorite holiday things)

Sabatino Black Truffle Oil (yes it’s kosher!)

Sabatino Truffle Honey (yes it’s kosher!)


If you love dinosaurs

dinosaur gifts for hanukkah1

I guess someone decided that dinosaurs and Hanukkah just go together, and I feel pretty good about that. Try one of these adorably kitschy dinosaur gifts for someone special (like me). I love dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Shabbat Candlesticks

The Menorasaurus Rex

How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah?


For the mug lover, or the chronic mug breaker

hanukkah mug gifts1

I am a total sucker for cute mugs. And since I am also a big klutz and likely to break them almost weekly, I am always stocking up. Here are a few of my favorites for the season.

Oy Vey Mug

Happy F-ing Hanukkah Mug

Mah Jong Tiles Mahjong 11 ounce Ceramic Coffee Mug Tea Cup


For the cookbook collector

cookbook collector hanukkah 20151

As a food writer and blogger, I get sent every cookbook under the sun: the good, the bad and the boring. But these three cookbooks are the ones that have me drooling and bookmarking up a storm. Share them with the cookbook lover in your life this season.

The New Kosher, by Kim Kushner

Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking, by Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook

Modern Israeli Cooking, by Danielle Oron


 For the matzah baller

matzah ball gifts1

Whether it’s for your surly teenager, husband or that new chubby baby, it’s a scientific fact: everyone looks good wearing some matzah ball gear.

M is for Matzo Ball Baby Onesie

Matzah Ballin Shirt

Matzah Ball Soup Cuff Links


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