Gluten-Free Kugel, Babka, Challah, Quiche

Gluten-Free Break-the-Fast Recipes for Yom Kippur

A gluten-free Yom Kippur break-fast might be a welcome change for those avoiding gluten, or folks seeking lighter fare. The following recipes are either grain-free or gluten-free riffs on all of the Yom Kippur classics!

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from Gluten Free on a Shoestring

Gluten-Free Chocolate Babka from Gluten Free on a Shoestring

For many, babka is a staple of a break-fast spread, and avoiding gluten is no reason to avoid this delicious staple.

The Ultimate Gluten-Free Challah

While gluten-free challah may pose some braiding challenges, this bread is equally tasty as its gluten counterpart  — and can achieve the same look with this braid-shaped pan.

Gluten-Free Apple Kugel

This delicious Rosh Hashanah treat becomes gluten-free with just the simple addition of a gluten-free flour. Try this substitute for simplified baking!

Gluten-Free Blintzes

While blintzes are deliciously nostalgic Shavuot treat, they’re just as good for the High Holidays. Regular gluten-free flour does the trick to make these enjoyable for all, you can also use a mix of rice, quinoa and tapioca flour to take these blintzes up a notch.

Gluten-Free Bagels from America’s Test Kitchen

Don’t let avoiding gluten rob you of your humanity  — AKA a good bagel.

Sweet Potato and Apple Kugel from Martha Rose Shulman, NYT

This kugel is a sweet ode to fall, and pairs perfectly with your New Year festivities. It also serves eight, making it a great dish for that break-fast party where the invite list got a little out of hand…

How to Make Gravlax

Imagine the glory of bringing out a plate of fresh lox, all to reveal to your unsuspecting guests that you made it yourself… How impressive!

Gluten-Free Cremini Arugula Quiche with Almond Meal Crust from Cookie + Kate

A good quiche is always a crowd pleaser, and this one is easily gluten-free with the substitution of an almond meal crust.

Image from Cookie + Kate
Image from Cookie + Kate

Gluten-Free Rugelach from King Arthur Baking

Make these rugelach with whatever fillings your heart so desires! 

Image from King Arthur Baking

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