Hey Chrissy Teigen, Here’s How to Order Pastrami on Rye

Everyone should know the joy of pastrami.

It’s always been my assumption that Chrissy Teigen can do anything — after all, she’s a stunning model, TV host, cookbook author, and super cool mom who always keeps it real. But according to a tweet she recently sent out in the world, she doesn’t know how to order a pastrami sandwich, which means she’s never actually had one. SHANDA.

Being a somewhat self-proclaimed expert in the deli sandwich, I wanted to help with a step-by-step guide to ordering a pastrami sandwich for Chrissy or anyone else who needs help with this important life event:

1. Pick a good deli.

If you’re going to order a pastrami sandwich for the first time, don’t just go to Quiznos. Head to one of the best delis in the country known for their pastrami, like Wexler’s Deli if you’re in Los Angeles or Katz’s if you’re in New York City. There are lots of amazing Jewish delis all over the United States and Europe too, so if you are jet setting around the world, there’s probably some good pastrami to be found closer than you think.

2. Keep it simple and classic.

While pastrami and corned beef is a great combination, as is the melted Swiss-covered Reuben sandwich, for you pastrami virgins, just order the pastrami on rye with mustard. No ketchup. No other condiments. No white bread (god forbid!) or other bread substitutions. There’s a reason that pastrami on rye is classic.

3. Plan to share

Most delis serve pastrami in monstrous-sized portions, so I always plan to share a sandwich with a dining companion or bring home the leftovers for lunch the next day. Pro tip: ask for extra rye bread to make extra sandwiches.

4. Bring Tums

Yeah, you might get a belly ache after all that piled-high, delicious, fatty pastrami, ideally washed down with a Dr. Brown’s soda or egg cream. So bring some meds.


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