Photo courtesy NETFLIX © 2020

Black Jewish Chef Michael Twitty Will Appear on Michelle Obama’s New TV Show

We'll definitely be tuning in.

Michelle Obama recently announced her next project: a kid-focused cooking show on Netflix. Could I love this woman any more?! The show, called Waffles & Mochi, is all about curiosity and exposing kids to the exciting global window that food can provide.

And perhaps more exciting than this show is that a star from the Jewish community will be appearing on one of the episodes! Chef, food historian, and James Beard award-winning author Michael Twitty shared on Twitter recently that he will be featured on an episode about African women and rice culture. The episode will air on March 16.

Twitty shared on an Instagram post that he got to meet Waffles and Mochi, but not Michelle. Still, I can’t wait to watch the show and learn alongside my kids, Michelle, Waffles, and Mochi.

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