Bad Year for the Bagel?

It’s been a rough year for the bagel. This summer, despite a tremendous outcry from New Yorkers, and New York bagel lovers alike, H&H Bagels’ Upper West Side location closed its doors. As a resident Upper West Side New Yorker, I can admit, this was a sad blow. I have fond memories of picking up Scottish salmon and sable from Zabar’s, and then picking up some hot, crusty bagels next door at H&H.I have less fond memories of working out at the gym above H&H, and smelling the delicious bagels wafting from below. Not exactly ideal weight loss motivation.

Next up? The Jew and the Carrot writes this week that Ireland will now be taxing bagels (and other specialty bread). Oh whoa to the carb lover in New York and Europe alike!

But, it’s not all doom and gloom where bagels are concerned. Here in New York, a specialty bagel shop opened called Vic’s Bagel Bar, featuring gourmet spreads and quality bagels. Coolest part about this shop? You can mix your own cream cheese spread, a la Coldstone Creamery, but for bagels.

Any other bagel related blows out there? We hope not, but let us know!


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