Trader Joe’s Has Everything You Need for Shabbat Dinner

Our favorite supermarket can even put Shabbat dinner on the table.

Trader Joe’s has the best snacks, some unique Israeli products, and even a pretty stellar cheese selection. But did you know you can actually procure everything you need for a classic Shabbat dinner all from this favorite discount market?!

Here’s what to pick up on your next pre-Shabbat TJ’s trip.


Well, it’s not Shabbat if there isn’t challah, and Trader Joe’s carries challah all year long. They also carry challah rolls and even have round challah when Rosh Hashanah rolls around.

Hummus & Dips


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Trader Joe’s has hummus and a bunch of other scrumptious dips at the ready. But can I strongly recommend their zhoug? It’s a spicy (warning: HOT!) Yemenite condiment made with fresh herbs, chilies, and a hint of cardamom. My family loves it for dipping with hummus and bread, or served with tangy Greek yogurt and fresh-cut veggies.

Bagged Salad


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TJ’s carries a variety of bagged salad options, which makes throwing together a starter or side dish as easy as finding where you left your pair of scissors.

Chicken, Stuffed Cabbage, or Jackfruit

Whether you’re in the mood for a chicken dinner, fuss-free frozen stuffed cabbage, or vegan-friendly fare for the main course, TJ’s has got you. Most locations even carry kosher chicken in the poultry section.

Rainbow Carrots

Roasted rainbow carrots are one of my favorite easy side dishes for any meal, including Friday night dinner. Carrots also keep well in the fridge for several weeks, so you can have them around and pop them in the oven without too much planning. I like to peel them, slice into rounds, and drizzle with a healthy portion of olive oil, salt, pepper, and 1 tsp ground ginger. Roast at 400 degrees for 25-30 minutes, turning once, or until carrots are caramelized on both sides.



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Babka, rugelach, black and white cookies, pie, chocolate cake… the dessert options are endless. And it’s not a Friday night dinner without something sweet.

Don’t Forget the Wine and Flowers


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Not all Trader Joe’s locations sell their famous Two Buck Chuck (or their many other options for wine and beer), but if they do, make sure to pick up a bottle. Or five. And, all Trader Joe’s locations carry fresh flowers (which, in my experience, always outlast far more expensive options), so whether you’re celebrating Friday night dinner at your house or someone else’s, some fresh blooms will be just the thing to brighten your table.

Shabbat shalom, and thank you, Trader Joe’s!

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