8 Excellent Kosher Wines for Your Passover Seder

If super sweet wine isn't your favorite, try one of these sophisticated options for the holiday.

The wine you may most closely associate with the Passover seder may be the iconic, super sweet Manischewitz (and the ensuing day-after headache). Nowadays, there is much greater variety and quality kosher wine if sweet wine isn’t your thing.

But not all kosher wine is necessarily kosher for Passover, so if that matters to you or your guests during the holiday, make sure to check the labels carefully.

Here are my top suggestions for wine this Passover holiday. Bonus — almost all are available online, so get ordering!

1. Dalton Alma GSM 2012 Kosher (92WE)
Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Shows aromas of cherries, plums and sweet dark fruits with a soft palate.

2. Tulip, Black Tulip
This Bordeaux-style blend is complex and full-bodied with black fruit flavors as well as aromas of freshly turned earth and tobacco with a long and elegant finish. “Approachable and enjoyable in its youth, it’ll gain further layers of complexity with an additional 4-5 years if stored properly,” says Josh Greenstein of the Israeli Wine Provider Association.

3. Tabor Adama Rosé
“Made from Barbera, an Italian variety from the Piedmont, this bright pink wine features aromas of strawberry, mint and cherries with mouth-watering acidity,” says Greenstein.

4. Psagot Cabernet Sauvignon Mevushal Israel Kosher 2014
Harvested near Jerusalem, this wine is the “crowning achievement” form this boutique winery. Shows ripe, luscious black fruit and velvety texture.

5. Volcanus Petit Verdot 2010 Kosher
Dry red wine from the La Mancha region in Spain. Aged for 18 months in French and American oak.

6. Domaine Gachot-Monot Cote De Nuits-Villages 2010 
Kosher Burgundy is rare to come by, as are 2010 Burgundies in general –an excellent vintage. “This Nuits-Villages shows intriguingly earthy aromas, elegant fruit, and freshness with proper bottle age,” says Sadie Flateman, a wine buyer at 67 Wine & Spirits, and an expert on kosher and Israeli wines.

7. Katlav Cabernet 2013 
A wild, full-bodied and multifaceted Cabernet. “Possibly the most energetic and natural expression of Judean Hills Cabernet Sauvignon that I have come across. Fruit forward and full bodied, yet with extraordinarily poised and balanced, considering its high percentage of alcohol. The passion and uncompromising sensibility for quality of owner and winemaker Yossie Yittach shines through in this highly enjoyable wine,” says Flateman.

8. Segal’s Single Vineyard Dovev 
You can grab this delicious wine at Union Square Wine (which has a really nice selection of kosher for Passover wines) in Manhattan. “Last year, I even finished the bottle of this after Passover. It was smooth, and as a red wine person it really worked for me,” says Rachel Lithgow, executive director of the American Jewish Historical Society.

And a bonus: Distillery 209
A kosher for Passover gin that is smooth and silky. “Perfect for unwinding after a long evening of singing and eating with relatives…” says Lithgow.

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