7 Ways to Up Your Chicken Soup Game this Winter

Because chicken soup should be anything but boring.

Does it seem blasphemous to say chicken soup can be boring? Well I am gonna say it anyways. Sometimes chicken noodle soup can be boring. And it doesn’t need to be. There are so many small ways to alter your classic chicken soup recipe to really up your game: from store-bought dumplings to Asian aromatics or even some zucchini noodles (if that’s your thing). So get cozy, click on Netflix and get your chicken soup on.

Just Add Dumplings

I love adding kreplach to chicken soup – there’s such a satisfying sensation of biting into a meat-filled dumpling soaked in chicken broth. You can make your own with this recipe, but I also love the Kosher’us veal or beef pelmeni you can buy in the freezer section of many kosher supermarkets. Kosher not your thing? Add some cheese tortellini or any variety of store-bought dumplings you fancy for the ultimate winter comfort meal.

Make it a Mish Mosh

Many Jewish delis in America feature a Mish Mosh soup, which means a little bit of everything. I like adding rice, matzah balls and even some alphabet noodles for a fun, carb-laden bowl of deliciousness. But add any combination of rice, noodles, matzah balls, kreplach or veggies that suits you.

Boost Your Immune System

Chicken soup is already really good for you, and that’s not my opinion, it’s actually science. But if the winter has got you a little down, boost your immune system even more by adding turmeric, ginger and healthy barley with this turmeric ginger barley chicken soup from Meg Is Well. BTW, chicken soup is also the perfect hangover remedy.

Go Ramen or Go Home

Whether you like authentic, hand-pulled ramen noodle soup or those disgusting delicious 99-cent packets from the grocery store, adding some ramen noodles to your usual chicken soup is a guaranteed way to up the fun factor. And slurping is mandatory. Here’s how I like to make classic chicken soup into ramen. You can also try some Vietnamese-style pho matzah ball soup.

Get Spicy

Whether you add jalapenos and mushrooms like Chef Pati Jinich or add some Cuban flair, chicken soup with a little heat will keep things spicy all winter. And it will also help clear your sinuses.

Be a Skinny Bitch

If you’re watching your carbs, forget the noodles and make it a Chicken Zoodle Soup, like with this recipe from Damn Delicious. You could also add sweet potato noodles, carrot noodles or butternut squash noodles if zucchini isn’t your fave. Many supermarkets these days, including Whole Foods and Wegman’s, even carry pre-spiralized noodles, which means prep is a cinch and you don’t need a spiralizer.

Make it Vegetarian

Vegetarian chicken soup? Yes, it’s totally a thing. No schmaltz or chicken bones necessary, because a good vegetarian broth will get its flavor from vegetables like long-simmered garlic, leeks, turnips or re-hydrated porcini mushrooms. Try this recipe and then add all your favorite noodles and vegetables.

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