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Photo courtesy of Levantine

5 Parisian Jewish Eateries Off the Beaten Path

Don’t limit yourself to Le Marais…

Paris is home to Europe’s largest Jewish community, and is a global destination for Jewish cuisine and culture. European, North African and Israeli Jews live side by side in Paris, and the flavors of Parisian Jewish food are just as diverse as the city itself. While the Jewish community was historically centered in the touristic district of Le Marais, Jewish eateries have recently been popping up in every corner of the city. 

Soon your next trip to Paris, leave the pesky tourist traps behind and explore the range of Jewish restaurants that the city has to offer. With everything from Michelin-starred culinary creations to neighborhood hummus and kebab spots, the city of love is the perfect place to fall head over heels for Jewish food.

1. Vendredi Soir

Photo credit Pierre Lucet Penato

Vendredi Soir, whose name translates to “Friday night,” is a restaurant that recreates the warm atmosphere of Shabbat dinner every night of the week. Vendredi Soir was created by Keren Afriat and Jérémie Bankhalter, veterans of Paris’ Jewish culinary scene. The menu features Sephardi and Ashkenazi dishes inspired by recipes that have been passed down through generations. A selection of kémias, or small plates, includes chicken liver with caramelized onions and challah prepared fresh every morning. The quintessentially Judeo-Moroccan beef stew dafina is left to simmer for 24 hours. The old-timey classic mousse au chocolat is updated with a halva topping, while specialty cocktails feature Jewish liquors like boukha. Vendredi Soir is the perfect destination for a Shabbat feast with a refined touch that only Parisian chefs can bring.

140 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 75010

2. Levantine

Photo courtesy of Levantine

Levantine, the other restaurant managed by Keren Afriat and Jérémie Bankhalter, is situated on the banks of the trendy Canal Saint-Martin. All of Levantine’s dishes are vegetarian and made to be shared. Creamy hummus is served alongside freshly baked pita from the restaurant’s bakery MaMi Deli, located just a few blocks away. Vegetable-forward dishes like roasted cauliflower with za’atar-dusted labneh celebrate the flavors of the Levant. The delectably greasy halloumi fries are a must-order item, and beg to be washed down with a bottle of Israeli Goldstar beer. Levantine’s colorful and eclectic interior gives it the feel of a neighborhood Israeli eatery, while its family-style dishes are so good that they are almost impossible to share.

36 Rue Bichat, 75010

3. Shabour 

Photo credit Joann Pat

Shabour is an upscale restaurant founded by Chef Assaf Granit, who hosts the Israeli edition of the reality television show “Kitchen Nightmares.” In 2021, Granit and his collaborators became the first Israeli chefs in France to be awarded a Michelin star. Shabour creates a “culinary bridge” between Paris and Jerusalem, with a menu featuring bites that cleverly connect the two cities’ cuisines. Take, for example, the za’atar flavored version of the traditional French candy calisson, which is served alongside swordfish sujuk sausage and sumac mayonnaise. A refined version of haminados, or Sephardi braised eggs, is adorned with trout eggs and tahini foam. Shabour’s elevated dishes have both a global outlook and roots in traditional Israeli cuisine, and certainly merit their hard-earned Michelin star!

19 Rue Saint-Sauveur, 75002

4. Riv’K

Photo credit Simon Detraz

Riv’k, located at the foot of Paris’ iconic Montmartre hill, merges chef Rivka’s Israeli culinary roots with the tastes and techniques she accumulated during her extensive travels throughout Asia. Here, latkes are combined with the Japanese savory pancake okonomiyaki and served with tonkatsu sauce and Japanese mayo, instead of sour cream and applesauce. Other multicultural creations include miso-caramelized eggplant with labneh and schnitzel, prepared yakitori style. Riv’k’s renowned French toast is served in multiple different variations, including baklava-style and with black sesame paste, making this restaurant a top destination for Parisians with insatiable sweet tooths. At Riv’k, the mixing of Asian influences and traditional Jewish recipes creates an entirely new, funky, flavorful fusion.

35 Rue Véron, 75018

5. Chiche

Photo credit Pierre Lucet Penato

Chiche is a neighborhood café inspired by the casually cool beach-side eateries of Tel Aviv. The restaurant was founded by Franco-Israeli chef Jonathan Sason Cohen, and is a mainstay of Israeli expats and Parisian coffee connoisseurs alike. Many varieties of hummus are available at Chiche, including hummus basar topped with succulent ground beef. The mujaderra pilaf of rice and lentils is simmered with warm spices, and the pastrami club sandwich is a Parisian take on a New York deli classic. Stop by Chiche on the weekend for the perfect hangover cure: scrambled eggs, harissa mayo and dukkah served on a famously flaky French croissant. Chiche combines the bright flavors of Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market with the chic ambiance of the typical Parisian brunch spot.

29B Rue du Château d’Eau, 75010

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