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5 Fun Kitchen Items to Buy for the Ultimate Jewish Christmas

Take your Jewish Christmas celebration up a notch.

Eating Chinese food on Christmas, and heading to the movies, is more than merely a cliche about American Jews; it actually has a unique story related to the immigrant experience and identity, how those on the margins can find connection and create their own new traditions. Also it’s pretty fun and delicious, which is exactly how we should be celebrating the holiday season.

If you’re planning on whipping up your own Chinese-American food feast, here are some fun items to add to your holiday, some of which can also reduce single-use products!

Your Very Own Chinese Takeout Boxes

If you’re whipping up your own chicken lo mein, General Tso’s chicken or dumplings, serve them up in these takeout boxes for an extra-cute touch. Don’t forget the reusable chopsticks!

Jewish Christmas Candle

These long-lasting candles from Homseick come in a wide range of scents, but Jewish Christmas is one of my personal favorites. It will have your whole house smelling like the good part of a butter-popcorn filled move theatre, just a lot less people and ideally the floors less sticky too. They also have a Hanukah-themed scent that smells like applesauce.

Custom Fortune Cookies

One of the best parts of Chinese-American takeout are those crisp and sassy little fortune cookies at the end. But with the glory of the internet, ordering custom cookies in different sizes or flavors from Tasty Fortunes will elevate your evening just that extra bit.

Marzipan Chinese Food Pops

These marzipan lollipops shaped liked Chinese takeout boxes from Marzipops are so cute! If you love marzipan-flavored sweets, these are just the thing to finish off your feast.

Reusable Popcorn Containers

These reusable popcorn containers will be awesome for cozy movie nights all year long, and the perfect vehicles for that buttered popcorn movie viewing on Christmas. Don’t forget the everything bagel-flavored popcorn to stuff inside!

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