11 Hanukkah Gifts for the Jewish Food Lover in Your Life

Give the gift of food this holiday season.

Gift giving is my love language, and this Hanukkah, the act of giving gifts may be one of the few things we are able to do safely (besides watching the Rugrats Hanukkah episode, lighting candles over Zoom, and seeing how many latkes you can eat at home without having a stomachache).

Because we can’t feed many of our loved ones in person this year, this gift guide features a lot of edible, delicious things.

Feeding yourself is also important. Remember that your local restaurants and bakeries would love some business. If you live far away from a Jewish deli and are craving comfort food, a big bowl of hummus to dive into, or a Breads Bakery babka, so many businesses are on Goldbelly — you can get almost anything shipped to your doorstep.

Happy holiday, stay safe, and get shopping.

Hanukkah Candy Board From Atl Boards

If you’re not following Elizabeth Schmitt’s candy board company AtlBoards on Instagram, you should start now. And while you’re at it, make sure to order a few of her beautiful blue Hanukkah boards. Perfect for the kiddos in your life, the kids at heart, or anyone with a sweet tooth.


Seed & Mill’s Nuts About Halva Gift Pack

If someone you love is nuts about halva and tahini, you must order them one of Seed & Mill’s gift sets. Their tahini is super smooth, the halva is addictively delicious, and the gift sets really are the perfect present to sweeten someone’s holiday season. Their halva is also carried at many tri-state New York area Whole Foods locations — look in the refrigerator section.


Hebel & Co’s Crazy Flavored Halva

You can’t get enough good halva, or at least I can’t. And Los Angeles-based company Hebel & Co’s crazy flavors like chocolate hazelnut potato chip halva and sprinkle halva are over the top, and absolutely perfect. They also carry all the classics like pistachio, vanilla, and double chocolate.


Give the Gift of Ina

The Queen of comfort food and entertaining has a brand new cookbook, Modern Comfort Food, and I personally can’t think of a better cookbook to make my way through this winter season. Chock-full of cozy classics like her favorite beef stew, chicken soup, and even black and white cookies, it’s an ideal way to spend lockdown this winter.


Give the Gift of Pie

OK, I know it’s not exactly Jewish. But if you’re in the market for some new cookbook inspiration and you love baking, I have been lusting after Erin Jeanne McDowell’s recently released The Book on Pie: Everything You Need to Know to Bake Perfect Pies for some time. Her pies are legendary, and I bet there are some bakers in your life who would love to conquer some creamy fillings and perfectly crimped edges. 


The Cutest Jewish Food Magnets EVER

I love unique food illustrations, and can’t stop staring at these colorful Sephardi food magnets! They also come in an Ashkenazi variety.


A Challah Box Subscription


This is a lovely gift for someone interested in learning how to bake challah for the first time. The Challah Box will deliver all the pre-measured ingredients you need to bake a perfect loaf of challah. And you can gift a special new baker a single box, or a 3- or 6-month subscription. Bonus: 5% of the profits of every subscription goes to Mazon. Do good, and buy a great gift!


Sugarfina’s 8 Nights Candy Tasting Collection

Finally, a Jewish advent calendar has arrived! Sugarfina, which makes a wide array of fun and fancy candies, has released, for the second year, its 8 Nights Candy Tasting box. There’s a different kind of candy hidden in a little candle drawer for each night. Not only is there candy, but the box is designed so you “light” a new candle by turning the little drawer around with each additional night of Hanukkah. It even goes from right to left. This is such a fun gift for kids or anyone who just loves sweets. They sold out last year, so don’t wait to get yours.


For the Challah Bakers: Silicone Mat

This silicone baking mat might be the least sexy item on my round-up this year, but I promise you it is the most useful, especially for the baker in your life. This large, silicon baking mat is ideal for kneading and shaping challah, and also for rolling out pie dough, cookies, and cleans up like a dream. I am not getting commission, I promise. But I use one almost daily, and its a gift that will last a long time.


Nosh Rolling Pin

Rolling pins with intricate designs have become a popular baking trend. And what better Jewish food gift than Unkoshermarket’s exclusive NOSH rolling pin?! Perfect for all your holiday cookie baking.


Pelmenitsa (Russian Dumpling Mold)


For the dumpling lover in your life, why not gift a pelmenista, or pelmeni maker. If I’m honest, I’ve had my eye on a pelmenitsa so I can make batch after batch of pelmeni using my friend and Nosher contributor Sonya Sanford’s recipe. Pelmeni are little Russian dumplings served with heaps of sour cream, or in homemade chicken stock. If you are my husband and you are reading this, please order one for me ASAP.

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