Ray & June: Conversations Between a Trans Teen & His Grandmother

The idea to write this piece was born out of our desire to help other teens and their family members deepen their relationships. As a grandmother and grandson, we want transgender youths and their families to understand that both sides want to be seen, accepted, and loved. Because a trans person’s journey is their own, supportive family members may not know exactly how to voice their caring, thus we suggest some of the ways to achieve mutual understanding. 

This story is divided into three sections:

Part 1 is Grandma June’s letter to Ray and his responses about the process of his transition.  

Part 2 addresses some of June’s concerns about Ray’s transition that family members of other trans people may share.

Part 3 includes recommendations that may be useful.

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Ray & June Part 3: Recommendations

Conversations Between a Trans Teen & His Grandmother

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