Moving On

An original poem.

Artist Statement: I was inspired to write this poem after a school assignment asked me to think about a singular moment in time. I chose my goodbye group from the intense therapy program I had been in for the past 7 months that was helping me with my anorexia, anxiety, and depression. It was so hard saying goodbye to a place that had been my home for so long. Through group therapy and this program, I learned more about myself than I ever had before. From social skills to communication skills, to coping skills, to finally learning to love my body, to knowing my self-worth, I had never grown like that before. I want to say that going into treatment for my mental illnesses was the best decision of my life and if you are considering it I would really recommend it. It saved my life. Literally.

This teen writer is a freshman in high school who has struggled with an eating disorder. She hopes to share her experiences with other teens and help them feel connected.

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