9 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care While You’re at School

Everyone has mental health, even if you don’t have a mental illness. School can be overwhelming, stressful and boring, so it’s important to take care of your mental health to avoid burnout and general unhappiness. Self-care is an important part of that process, so here are some tips for doing it at school!

1. Bring a water bottle to school and drink the whole thing throughout the day.

Hydrate or diedrate! You’ll feel less tense.

2. Go to the bathroom.

School bathrooms are gross, and you may not feel comfortable using them for a variety of reasons. But remember to pee if you need to. You’ll feel better. It may also be a welcome break from class.

3. Switch up who you eat with.

Whether that means eating with 5 new people or alone with one close friend, a change of scenery or a break your usual social obligations may help take some pressure off. 

4. Go to the guidance counselor’s office or learn about the mental health resources your school provides.

Everyone needs to talk sometimes. Even if you don’t want to talk, it’s better to go to a counselor and hang out than to skip class with no one to write you an excuse note.

5. Actually work during free periods.

It may not be fun at the moment, but when you get to watch Netflix or go to bed an hour earlier that night because half your work is already done, you’ll thank me. 

6. Take a break when you need one.

Free periods and other free time are super useful for de-stressing if needed, and taking some time to relax after a day of classes may help you be more productive later. Listen to your brain and your body and know what uses of time will work best for you that day. 

7. Bring snacks.

Eat them if you’re hungry. It’ll help your mood and focus so you’ll feel physically better. 

8. Listen to music between classes (if allowed).

Take it as an opportunity to chill out in that tiny bit of free time you have. 

9. Step out of class if you need to.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or in need of a break, it’s not a big deal to miss some class time. If you’re missing lots of class time, see #4, but choosing to prioritize self-care is something to be proud of. 

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