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Kosher Fried Chicken

4 servings

If you are a health nut or adverse to things fried, then just skip right over this post because there is nothing healthy or healthful about this recipe. But it is delicious!

I am a born and bred New Yorker, but there is a large part of me that wishes I was a true Southern gal. I love country music and I especially love Southern food. But whats a kosher gal to do when it comes to fried chicken!? In order to come up with an authentic fried chicken recipe that I could also adapt to be kosher, I did my homework and interviewed lots of real Southern gals over the years to find out their secrets to good fried chicken.kosher-fried-chicken

It seems that what the matzo ball is to Jewish women, fried chicken is to many Southern women: everyone has their own “perfect way” to do it. Some ladies shared that you must use a cast iron skillet. Others preferred an egg dip instead of soaking in buttermilk. Even though I am not really Southern, I think the key to a quality kosher fried chicken is the multiple phases of seasoning and using a deep fryer. I like using this Calphalon Deep Fryer but if you don’t have a deep fryer you can also use a large, deep pot.

Kosher Fried Chicken

Posted on August 17, 2012

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