What to Nosh on St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and in true Nosher fashion, we rounded up our favorite Jewish foods…with a green twist. Don’t worry–you won’t find any food coloring here, just lots of spinach and arugula, lima beans, and some Bailey’s Irish Creme.

Jewish and Irish food actually have a lot in common, due to their historic proximity in NYC’s Lower East Side. This Smithsonian article reveals that the most emblematic St. Patrick’s day meal, corned beef and cabbage, is a solid 19th century Jewish-Irish mashup!

The Smithsonian explains, “The Irish immigrants almost solely bought their meat from kosher butchers. And what we think of today as Irish corned beef is actually Jewish corned beef thrown into a pot with cabbage and potatoes.”

Our favorite Jewish-Irish fusions are fun and easy: think matzah ball soup, latkes and kugel (below), with a green twist.

green kugel

Green Jewish Foods for St. Patrick’s Day:

Power Greens Matzah Ball Soup

Green Latkes

Green Tahini Dip (with or without schnitzel strips)

Challah Stuffed with Green Onions

Spring Zucchini Kugel

Lima Bean Hummus

And for dessert, Chocolate Hamantaschen with Irish Creme Filling

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