Ina Garten Seth Meyers

Watch Ina Garten and Seth Meyers Get Drunk Together

It's delightful.

We love Ina Garten. You love Ina Garten. Turns out, Seth Meyers loves Ina Garten, too! As part of a feature for Late Night With Seth Meyers, Seth Meyers and the Jewish celebrity chef went day drinking together — and the results are incredible.

Ina and Seth start by making their own drinks; Ina brings her own measuring cup (obviously). They make three drinks from Ina’s own cookbook: Duke’s cosmopolitans, mai tais, and fresh whiskey sours (Ina’s favorite, fun fact).

“I’m scared,” Ina says, as she tries Seth’s mai tai.

After they are properly drunk, it’s time to eat. Seth does a taste test comparing Barefoot Contessa’s dips to fast food. The rules of the game are: If Seth gets it wrong, he must drink; if Seth guesses right, Ina must drink. Important: When Ina has to try Arby’s dip, she says, “Waaaah.” (Do we think Ina has ever eaten fast food before?!)

Next, Seth devises a drinking game for Ina. Since she is the Barefoot Contessa, he wants to see if she can match celebrities to their bare feet (get it?!).

At the end, Seth brings out a birthday cake for Ina that he baked himself. It looks nothing like her recipe. They drunkenly decorate it together:

Ina Garten Seth Meyers

Please watch and enjoy this, because we really did:

(Ina, will you have a beer with us?!)

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