Turns Out Gal Gadot’s Secret Diet is Shakshuka

The Israeli superstar let us in on her little delicious secret.

Us common folk are always looking at celebrities to learn their weight loss secrets, even though they’re notorious for going on crazy crash diets. I mean, how are we supposed to survive off 600 calories a day? Luckily, one actress recently shared a diet tip that we enthusiastically approve of.

In an Instagram post yesterday, Israeli actress Gal Gadot answered one of her most frequently asked questions: What does she eat to look like an Amazonian warrior? The Wonder Woman star shared that one of her secrets to success is eating shakshuka.

“It’s one of my favorite Israeli dishes,” Gadot wrote. “Super healthy, and most importantly, DELICIOUS.”

The egg dish has North African roots, but it’s become an iconic breakfast (and brinner!) dish in Israel. Shakshuka is scrumptious, healthy, and incredibly easy to prepare — the trifecta of a perfect brunch.

While Gadot’s recipe has all the main ingredients (garlic, onion, peppers, tomatoes, eggs) necessary in a classic shakshuka recipe, it’s not exactly typical of what’s served in Israel. For one, the consistency is a lot thicker.

“It looks a lot richer and darker than what I’m used to,” said my Israeli colleague Lior Zaltzman. “There’s lots of extra garnishes and flowers!? That’s seriously intense.”

Flowers aside, Zaltzman said she’d “totally eat it.”

We can’t guarantee you’ll wind up looking like her, but if you want to eat like Gadot, check out our classic shakshuka recipe.

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