This Tzimmes Candle is the Holiday Scent You’ve Been Missing

We’ve all seen pumpkin spice candles. And I’ve even seen bacon candles. But there is a candle company in Ann Arbor producing an entire series of Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot themed candles.

Not sure what to bring to Aunt Ida’s house this season? The answer is clearly a tzimmes candle, or one of their other signature scents including apples and honey, pomegranate and even lulav and etrog! You can order one of the signature scents here on Etsy.

I am hoping there might be a sufganiyot-inspired candle for Hanukkah. Or haroset for Passover. Or sweet noodle kugel, ya know, just cause who wouldn’t want their whole house to smell like sweet kugel all the time.

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