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This Pop Star Reveals Her Ideal Jewish Deli Order

The Haim sisters once again prove themselves to be the most relatable women in showbusiness.

The Taylor Swift Era’s tour is no doubt one of the most talked about musical happenings of the summer. The stadium tour spans multiple continents and features none other than our favorite Nice Jewish Girls from the Valley, the Haim sisters. The trio has worked with Taylor Swift in the past, and we’re so excited to see Jewish women represented on this news-grabbing tour. Danielle, Este and Alana Haim sat down with Elle UK earlier in the summer to discuss some pressing questions. Haim discussed their earlier experience with Taylor on the 1989 tour, childhood sneaking out shenanigans and, most importantly, what the sisters order at Canter’s deli.

Canter’s deli is an LA institution home to Jewish comfort food classics. The sisters — seasoned LA Jews — were quick with their answer. Este excitedly stated her order: matzah ball soup (duh), corned beef on rye with spicy deli mustard and a side of pickles. Oh, and a black and white cookiediabetes permitting. Alana added: “Pickles are a big highlight.” 

While this clip may have been brief, it demonstrates what we love so much about the Haim sisters: Their Jewishness is part of who they are, as a band and as a family. And what better way to celebrate the beauty of Jewish culture than with food! We at the Nosher love to see these timeless Jewish classics get their spotlight, especially on a platform as big as the Taylor Swift arenas. 

We hope the Haim sisters encourage you to revisit your Jewish deli classics, and maybe try something new at your local Jewish eatery. Or — our personal favorite —  try making some of these dishes at home! Check out our numerous matzah ball soup recipes, from vegetarian to celebrity endorsed, and make the comfort food at home.! Or try your hand at some black and white cookies to bring to the next Shabbat dinner you’re invited to. Whether that’s in NYC or LA, Jewish deli food has a universal comfort, and that’s what we love about it.

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