This Jewish Actor’s Thanksgiving Stuffing Involves Pastrami

Ike Barinholtz's pastrami sandwich-inspired stuffing.

Jewish actor Ike Barinholtz is reportedly obsessed with Thanksgiving dinner. According to People, the Mindy Project star is a “big stuffing head,” and this year, he is inspired by pastrami for his stuffing.

Barinholtz said, “I remembered that pastrami is a very American thing, because while it comes from one culture—it comes from my people, the —it’s kind of loved by everyone.”

Which, yes! Pastrami is uniquely Jewish American culinary creation! (We even have a video on this, obviously.)

Barinholtz, 41, is very outspoken about his Jewish identity, especially when it comes to American politics. (Just see his Twitter.) So it’s no surprise to us that he drew on his heritage when it comes to one of the most American traditions there is: Thanksgiving.

Barinholtz took inspiration from pastrami sandwiches for his stuffing, because, as he said, “There’s never been anyone that’s eaten a pastrami sandwich, and been like, ‘This is not for me.’”

His test on whether people like pastrami stuffing or not? ““The best thing you can hear when you’ve made a dish for the first time, is silence. Because that means everybody’s just going to town on it.”

Go get the full recipe from People

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