These are the Most Soothing Challah Videos to Watch on Instagram Right Now

Can't get enough challah braiding.

I’ve been spending an increased and possibly alarming amount of time mindlessly scrolling through food videos and reels on Instagram lately. Can you relate? Anything to take my mind off, well, everything. It’s soothing, and gives me positive things to look forward to: namely, baking challah and trying some new braiding techniques. Or maybe just ogling some Internet carbs.

If you are also in desperate need of calming distractions, check out some of our favorite Jewish Instagram accounts from all over the world, where you’ll find addictive and informative challah videos!

Challah Prince

The Challah Prince, based in Berlin, Germany, has some fantastic ideas for challah braiding. From 7-strand challah, round challah, and heart-shaped challah, he will win your heart with his beautiful creations and captivating tutorials.

Challah Atcha Girl

If you want to take your challah braiding up a level, you have to check out Challah Atcha Girl, based in Miami, Florida. Her double stranded 6-braid challah, mini pumpkin-shaped challot, and stunning 12-strand round challah will leave you breathless. And craving challah.


Jake Cohen

Our favorite nice Jewish boy based in NYC has some serious challah game. Check out his 5-strand challah, as well as his 3-strand and 2-strand round challot for some serious bread inspo. While you’re there, drool over his chocolate chip cookies (which I do on the reg), creamy pasta creations, and even some homemade amba.


Jewish Food

That’s us, obviously. We’ve got some great ideas for challah, including challah cinnamon buns, the cutest and easiest 1-strand challah, and challah dogs, too.

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