The Most Wild Hamantschen You’re Going to See This Year

Our top picks for most delicious and outrageous Purim treats this year.

How can Purim go by without a rundown of the craziest, most crave-inducing hamantaschen that have hit our social media feeds this year?! The hamantaschen I’ve been seeing are using lots of different doughs other than a traditional cookie dough, which is such a fun and delicious take on the traditional triangle treat.

Savory hamantaschen are becoming more and more commonplace, and the sweet combinations we are seeing from bloggers and bakers all over the world are using plenty of creative license to pull inspiration from diverse culinary traditions.

1. Knish me, I’m a hamantaschen


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Food Network star Molly Yeh’s pregnancy cravings benefit us all with these salty, savory knish-meets-hamantaschen hybrid of deliciousness. Get her recipe for salt & vinegar knishentaschen. 

2. Holy ma’amoul hamantaschen


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Ma’amoul is a classic Middle Eastern cookie, commonly found in Lebanese, Egyptian, and Syrian culinary traditions, which is stuffed with sweet date and nuts and made with a special mold to create an intricate exterior. This mash-up is breathtaking and unique. Get the recipe on The Cookie Fairy here (though fair warning, it’s in Hebrew).

3. Israeli-inspired shakshuka hamantaschen


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I want to throw a brunch cocktail party just to serve these savory bites from Amy Kritzer of WhatJewWannaEat. Get the recipe for shakshuka hamantaschen here.

4. Like a trip to a suburban mall: Cinnabon hamantaschen


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Mandylicious challah never disappoints with unique carb creations that inspire us to unbutton our jeans or slide on some sweatpants. These will send you right back to the foodcourt. Check these out on her Instagram page. 

5. Fancypants éclair hamantaschen


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This recipe from French-trained pastry chef Paula Shoyer is pure genius since the dough for éclairs, called choux, can be piped into any shape. No pinching required. Get the recipe for eclair hamantaschen here

Header image photo credits Amy Kritzer of, Molly Yeh of and The Cookie Fairy Blog. 

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