The Most Horrifying Ways People are Using Hummus

Prepare yourself for the weird ways people are enjoying hummus.

Hummus is awesome: we all agree. It’s healthy, vegan, and gluten-free friendly. Babies, bubbes, and everyone in between enjoys the chickpea spread. You can make it, you can buy it, you can enjoy it as a snack or serve it as an entire meal.

But lately, people are getting a little weird with hummus, and we’re not just taking about unique hummus recipes like sweet potato hummus, Asian pea hummus, or rainbow hummus.

Here are the most bizarre and horrifying ways people are using hummus:

There is a hummus milkshake available at The Hummus & Pita Co. in New York City. No words.

These gluten-free blueberry hummus protein pancakes from The Roasted Root are not exactly our dream breakfast.

You can have your hummus cake and eat it too with this Spiced Hummus Cake with Vanilla Yogurt Frosting from Amy’s Healthy Baking.

Hummus on toast? Totally. Bread made from hummus? Not so sure, but you can try this Homemade Hummus Bread from Contentedness Cooking if you’re curious.

This vegan ice cream doesn’t actually contain hummus, just chickpeas, so it’s a little less alarming. And the same goes for these chickpea chocolate chip cookies. We think you can go ahead and safely enjoy those, too.

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