The 5 Best Hummus Brands to Buy at the Supermarket

It's OK not to make your own, especially with these authentic-tasting, super creamy varieties.

We know everyone loves to glorify homemade hummus over the store-bought variety. But not everyone has time to make hummus at home. Or even wants to. And there are some truly authentic-tasting, super creamy hummus varieties you can buy at the supermarket. We taste-tested and researched and here’s our list of the 5 best hummus brands to try.

1. Whole Foods Original Hummus

Whole Foods’ brand hummus is creamy, smooth and has a good balance of lemon, tahini, and garlic. In addition to its classic flavor it carries roasted red pepper, jalapeno, and even beet flavors. And best of all – no preservatives or unnatural ingredients.


2. Trader Joe’s Organic Hummus

Trader Joe’s carries several brands and varieties of hummus including edamame hummus, beet hummus and even eggplant hummus, but its simple, organic hummus is one of our top choices for creamy, dip-able hummus perfection.

3. Trader Joe’s Mediterranean Hummus

If you like your hummus creamy but also with some “stuff” Trader Joe’s Mediterranean hummus is your go-to. Topped with roasted red pepper, pine nuts, oil and herbs, it’s perfect for snacking or parties.

4. Yorgo’s Hummus

Not only is this hummus creamy and delicious, but Eat This Not That rates Yorgos as its #1 hummus for taste and health: made with organic ingredients, low in sodium and high in fiber. Delish and good for you!

5. Achla Hummus

Achla hummus is delicious and creamy, and produced by an Israeli company. Doesn’t get more authentic than that, though it can be harder to find than other more widely available brands.


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