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The 10 Best Jewish Food Gifts to Ship This Hanukkah

Just because we can’t gather in person for the holidays this year does not mean we have to miss out on staying connected through traditions like gift giving. And, at The Nosher, we love a food gift — especially when it satisfies our Jewish food cravings.

This list is full of awesome food items that not only make the perfect Hanukkah gift, but they ship! Whether you are not traveling, avoiding going into stores or the post office, or generally staying away from others, a Hanukkah gift that arrives right to the recipient’s door (or yours, treat yourself) is the perfect way to shop this year. 

Note: All businesses listed below offer at least domestic U.S. shipping.

1. Zingerman’s

Anyone who has visited Ann Arbor, MI will know about Zingerman’s. A beloved local favorite for University of Michigan students and families, this deli/bakery is not only super delicious, but they have fun packaging for specialty boxes with a bunch of Ashkenazi themes, like the scandalous “Better Than Bubbe’s Sweet Treats.” The online shop has lots of Hanukkah gift boxes ranging from $10-$250, including a monthly pastry or Jewish food club. All their gift packages over $40 ship for free! 

2. Dylan’s Candy Bar

For those with sweet-toothed loved ones, Dylan’s Candy Bar is a perfect option. This classic New York tourist spot knows how to do a Hanukkah gift box. Each option is prettier than the next, and they even have a box shaped like a dreidel! From lollipops to dreidel gummies to traditional gelt, Dylan’s Candy Bar has all the festive sweet options.  

3. Baked by Melissa

Another great option for sugar aficionados: Baked by Melissa mini cupcakes. They are both cute and yummy and are available in the punny “Festival of Bites” package with flavors like babka, donut, and hot cocoa. A friend sent me their vegan package a few weeks ago and it was such a treat. These little cupcakes can be stored in the freezer until you’re ready to enjoy — though, to be honest, the package I got was gone in a day. Baked by Melissa has gluten-free, vegan, and kosher options; they clearly know how to make the people happy. 

4. Gold Herring Tea

OK, so this one is technically a drink, but we’ll count it. Gold Herring is such a cool concept: A tea blend is shipped to your door with a booklet about the ingredients and how the blend ties to the Hebrew month. The tea, which is delicious, can be ordered monthly or for the whole year. Either way, this immersive experience provides a great opportunity to relax (and pick up a thing or two about the Hebrew calendar). Personally, I am ordering this for my mother, an avid tea drinker. 

5. Monger’s Provisions

Monger’s Provisions, a Detroit-based company, exploded with popularity during its first few years in business, and even more so during these last months, as their online tasting events and gift baskets suit a socially distant world. Their success is no surprise; the cheesemonger, Zach Berg, really knows his stuff. Check out their specialty gift baskets or shop on their impeccably curated online store. Monger’s Provisions offers everything to make an Instagram-worthy cheeseboard — from cheese, charcuterie, and chocolate to jam, nuts, and wine.

6. Soom

Tahini is making a name for itself like never before, and Soom is a company that really knows its tahini, and how versatile it is. They offer a useful gift set that includes creamy tahini, The Tahini Table cookbook, and the cutest little spatula to help you scrape out every last drop of tahini from the jar, to ensure you savor all the nutty goodness. 

7. Katz’s Delicatessen

How can we talk about Jewish food that ships without mentioning a classic deli option? The iconic New York-based Katz’s Deli has you covered. You can ship a whole Katz’s experience — including a full Hanukkah dinner. This package is filled with signature meats, pickles, bread, babka, and, of course, latkes. Missing the big city? No problem! Katz’s has a “Taste of New York” box just for that!

8. Seed & Mill

If you can’t tell by now, I am a sucker for good packaging, and Seed & Mill does not disappoint. If packaging alone doesn’t get you, check out their creative halva flavors like pistachio, chocolate, ginger, marble — too many to list! Seed & Mill is vegan, gluten-free, and paleo. Their gift packages (which can also include their spices and chocolates) are sure to impress any recipient. Plus, their website has tasty recipes to help you use their tahini and halva, if eating it plain wasn’t enough.

9. The Donut Pub

We’ve got an option for latkes, for gelt, and even for a full-on Hanukkah dinner, but you might be asking “Where are the sufganiyot?!” I asked myself the same question… then I found The Donut Pub. If jelly donuts aren’t your thing, they have plenty of other flavors, as well as black & white cookies, because why not? Bonus: The Donut Pub sells their products from the Goodbelly site, which has tons of other awesome food options that ship. 

10. City Brew Tours

City Brew Tours, a group that pulls together the best beers from across North America, have created a special holiday box just for Hanukkah. This “Hoppy Hanukkah” experience provides a new beer selection for each of the eight nights plus fun beer swag, like a bottle opener, gelt, and information about online content that goes along with the tasting. Ideal for any beer lover in your life. 

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