Tequila Lovers, Rejoice! Patron is Now Kosher for Passover

Time to add some margaritas to your seder menu.

While we love our families, any long and drawn out holiday dinner with them often requires a lot of alcohol kept close at all times. Of course, when it’s Passover, the booze options are fairly limited.

Good news, though: We can now add tequila shots and margaritas to our Passover plans. Patrón Silver and Roca Patrón Silver are both now certified Kosher for Passover. Patrón has always been certified Kosher, and that certification has now been extended to include Kosher for Passover (for Patrón Silver and Roca Patrón Silver, specifically).

So, if you were planning on serving Mushroom Jalapeño Matzah Ball Soup this holiday, go with the Mexican theme altogether by mixing up a margarita or some sangria. It is a holiday, after all, and I think we can take some liberties with those four cups of wine.

While all Patrón Silver and Roca Patrón Silver tequila is certified Kosher for Passover, some bottles currently on store shelves and online may not yet display the Kosher for Passover symbol. The certification was done by the Supervisores en Calidad Kosher and are available nationally and online at ReserveBar.com.

So, what to do with this information? Well, guacamole would be a great addition to the seder, as well as a fun anytime snack during Passover on top of matzah. You may also want to consider tequila as a marinade or glaze for your holiday fish and chicken. Heck, spread some Patrón on matzah when you need a snack — consider it a healthy fat alternative for the much-beloved matzah and butter! (In case you can’t tell, yes, I am kidding.)

But really, we’re all about using whatever means we can to survive that endlessly long seder when everyone asks us what we’re going to do with our lives, and why we’re still single. Keep those shots coming.

Remember to drink responsibly, though. There’s another seder the next night. And if needed, here’s some hangover cures straight from bubbe.

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