Spain Gets a Katz’s Deli Pop-up

Anyone who visits New York considers Katz’s Deli a must stop on their city food tour – it’s such an epic part of NYC’s history, it’s even made its way into movies and is an integral part of the country’s pop culture.

Katz’s is one of the oldest restaurants in America, open since 1888. The deli, known for its legendary hot dogs, pastrami, and more classic Jewish-style fare just launched a pop-up restaurant at the OnlyYou Atocha  in Madrid, Spain as part of a Seagram’s New York residency at the hotel. While Katz’s Deli is not kosher, it is classic Jewish comfort food, something that Jewish travelers may really appreciate as a delicious novelty in a city known for its pork and shellfish delicacies.

Katzs deli hot dogs

The residency doesn’t feature the entire New York menu – but the owner, Jake Dell, has brought four dishes from NYC’s classic menu for Madrid to experience: this includes his definitive matzah ball soup, hot dog, knish and an egg cream for dessert. As part of the partnership with the hotel, the dinner will be accompanied by a Seagram’s Gin cocktail.

This marks the first time the restaurant has launched a spin-off outside of NYC and will only be available throughout the month of January at the hotel, before another culinary outpost takes over. As you may recall, Katz’s expanded from its Lower East Side restaurant into Brooklyn last year — can’t wait to see where it will pop up next.

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