Rosh Hashanah Staples You Can Buy at Costco

We know you guys love the bulk-buying heaven also known as Costco. Where else can you simultaneously pick up new furniture, coffee pods, nosh on free samples and stock up on all your favorite Jewish foods!?

So we scoured the shelves for all our holiday needs, and what we found was pretty awesome.

Note: Stores carry regional products based on location. Not all stores will carry all of these.

Costco fruit for New Year


Sure, they’ve got apples for dipping. But you will also find a whole case of beautiful pomegranates and dates for cooking or using as your “new fruit.” While you’re there pick up a pineapple, clementines, melon and grapes to balance out all the honey cake you will be serving.

Hummus and veggies

If you’re hosting a crowd, make sure to pick up a big hulking container of hummus and bags of baby carrots for your guests to much on before dinner. Not only does Costco carry hummus, but it carries several different brands in a variety of flavors.


You can’t celebrate the New Year without an adequate supply of honey. Choose from clover honey, organic honey and even raw honey just to name a few.

costco honey

Vanilla, cinnamon and raisins

It’s hard to make sweet noodle kugel like cinnamon kugel or classic lukshen kugel without these three staples. They also have the sweet potatoes, carrots and prunes you’ll need for tzimmes.


Speaking of kugel, if you don’t feel like making your own sweet noodle kugel then just buy it pre-made! Yup, Costco has sweet noodle kugel. It is also carrying some potato kugel and broccoli kugel for good measure.

Fancy plastic cutlery

We know the secret to a sweet new year: less dishes and silverware to wash. These schmancy plastic forks, spoons and knives look like the real deal, but you can just toss them in the recycling bin afterwards. Use up that extra time to pour yourself another glass of wine.


Fresh florals can set the stage for a beautiful holiday tablescape, so swing by the flowers on your way to the check-out and make your holiday extra gorgeous. No one has to know they aren’t from a fancy florist.

Costco flowers

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