NYC’s Beloved Carnegie Deli Is Closing Soon

Image from Carnegie Deli Facebook.

New York deli lovers, now is your last chance to dine at Carnegie Deli, one of the city’s most celebrated delis. According to the New York Postthis mile-high sandwich institution is taking its last orders just shy of its 70th birthday. Employees were told earlier this morning that the deli would close on December 31.

Dedicated fans have just a few more months to order sandwiches like “the Woody Allen,” “Fifty Ways to Love your Liver,” and “Brisketball.” The deli, which opened blocks from Carnegie Hall in 1937, has been a favorite destination for show-goers, tourists, and locals alike. Its menu is peppered with well-known Ashkenazi dishes like chicken soup and brisket, and old-world favorites like kasha varnishkes, gefilte fish, liverwurst, and beef tongue.

The number of old-school delis like this one are few in number, while new-school iterations are on the rise.

The family who owns Carnegie Deli will maintain its brand through its outposts in Las Vegas and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Owner Marion Harper Levine hints that New York might see another configuration of Carnegie Deli in the future. Until then, enjoy it while it lasts!

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