National Ice Cream Month!

Our friends over at 365 Scoops recently brought to our attention that it is National Ice Cream Month, and this truly couldn’t come at a more appropriate time with temperatures soaring all around the country! While my husband and mother-in-law (two avid ice cream lovers) would argue that of course ice cream is “Jewish,” 365 Scoops has put together a list of the most Jewish ice cream flavors including tzimmes, hummus and even Nova lox flavored ice cream!

But if lox flavored ice cream doesn’t get your mouth watering you might try one of the flavors from Chozen including Rugelach, Matzoh Crunch or Apples and Honey flavored ice cream. You can order the ice cream online though I’ve also found it at my local Whole Foods.

And if you are feeling adventurous you can set out to make your own! I like using this Cuisinart Ice  Cream Maker which you can also use to make frozen yogurt and sorbet on hot summer days or year-round. One tip: you need to freeze the bowl of the ice cream maker 24 hours ahead of time, so a little planning is necessary when making your own ice cream, at least with this particular ice cream maker. The results are creamy and delicious and its just so gratifying to make it yourself!

There’s a plethora of ice cream recipes out there but my absolute favorite is this Salted Caramel Ice Cream which I like to top off with a drizzle of honey and a scant sprinkling of good sea salt.