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Kim Kardashian Loves This Jewish Deli

The Kardashians, they're just like us!

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many beloved food establishments including countless Jewish delis have closed their doors, unable to financially sustain their business. Nate ‘n Als, a Beverly Hills deli, initially took this route at the end of March.

They’ll be reopening on May 15 for takeout and delivery, and they have one very excited fan: Kim Kardashian herself.

“BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!,” Kardashian tweeted, linking to the Los Angeles Times report.

Immediately, people wanted to know: What is Kim’s order?! (Her half-sister, Kylie Jenner, loves matzah ball soup.) Does she dig into a pastrami sandwich? Crave bagel and lox? Really want noodle kugel? We just wanna know, Kim!

Nate n’ Als plans to serve a pared-down menu and will be open fewer hours due to staffing and supply limitations. They took time in reopening, wanting to make sure it was safe.

“We’ve done some things like spread out the staff along the deli counter, move some of the machinery around, to give everyone more space. We didn’t want to open until we had figured that out,” Nate n’ Als owner Shelli Azoff told the Los Angeles Times.

For now, Azoff explained, the goal is to “keep the tradition alive and ensure the employees have a place to come back to” and “keep long-time customers happy.”

Including Kim Kardashian.

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