Jewish Valentines Day?

Like other mainstream American holidays, Valentines Day always seem to spark a conversation on whether Jews should celebrate it or not, and if so – how? I won’t touch this debate, but if you are interested you can read Rabbi Mike Uram’s “To Send or Not to Send – Is That the Question?

According to The Today Show’s Kathie Lee and Hoda, what most people want more than anything for V-Day is a good meal! Well, Jews are pretty good at that, so I say – why not whip up some romantic treats for your special someone.

I am loving this Heart-Shaped Challah from Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and Hadassah. Pretty easy to make – and so cute! A perfect combination of Jewish comfort food and hearts.

Last year I made this unctuous Chicken Mole for my husband, and he loved it. What better way to show your love than through a rich, slow cooked chicken dish made with dark chocolate. I served the Mole with warm tortillas, and an arugula and blood orange salad.

But what about dessert, arguably the best part of a Valentines Day meal!?

You can opt for some classic chocolate covered strawberries paired with sparkling wine, or chocolate mousse, which is light enough not to weigh you down but rich enough to serve as a sweet ending.

I also love these S’mores Brownie Bites from Overtime Cook, which you can easily make using brownie mix, and can be pareve! S’mores also evokes sitting around a campfire or next to a cozy fire, which is pretty darn romantic to me.

Don’t feel like baking? Order your someone a sweet n salty treat from Salt of the Earth Bakery, who specializes in kosher sweets that use sea salt to bring out the flavor of their brownies, cookies and caramel.

Another easy option for dessert? A selection of chocolates from the Whole Foods chocolate counter. I particularly love their variety of chocolate covered pretzels, which is a guaranteed way into my heart!

And hey – if all else fails, a dozen roses and a can of whipped cream never hurt anyone either.

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