Introducing Our Curated Collection of Essential Israeli Recipes

This recipe collection was designed to use every day!

Israeli food is one of the most dynamic and popular cuisines worldwide today. It can be hard to define it precisely because it encompasses such a variety of dishes from around the world. The diversity of influences and vibrancy of colors, spices like za’atar and cardamom, and varied cooking methods all make for foods that are as exciting to eat as they are to look at and learn about.  

Since The Nosher was founded we’ve covered all aspects of Israeli cuisine: from food trends to histories of classic dishes and ingredients  — and, of course, recipes. 

Photo credit Micah Siva

Over the years we have received email after email from our readers asking for a Nosher cookbook they could hold in-hand and use in the kitchen without staring at a screen, and we heard you. We’re so proud to announce that our curated recipe collection, “The Nosher’s Essential Israeli Dishes,” is now available on Amazon. In this beautifully designed collection, we’ve selected recipes from our archives that showcase the diverse, dynamic, flavorful nature of Israeli cuisine. From the tried-and-true cornerstones of Israeli home cooking like chicken schnitzel and shakshuka, to homegrown Israeli dishes like stuffed pita sandwiches, there’s a story behind every dish. 

Some cookbooks are designed to sit on a shelf looking beautiful, but this recipe collection was developed to be as accessible, useful and informative as possible — no matter how much (or little) you know about Israeli food. We’ve divided the recipes into dips, sauces and starters; main dishes; desserts; and breads, but many of them compliment each other. Our basic tahini sauce, for instance, can be enjoyed alone as a dip, spooned into a sabich sandwich or drizzled over roasted vegetables. We want the pages to be decorated with splatters of oil, schmears of homemade hummus and lots of spice! We hope that you will come to treasure your copy and gift the collection to friends and family.

Speaking of family, this collection wouldn’t have been possible without our talented contributors, many of whom have written for The Nosher for years. A very special thanks to Sonya Sanford, Vered Guttman, Mike Solomonov, Chaya Rapaport, Emanuelle Lee, Lior Mashiach, Micah Siva, Shlomo Schwartz, Rachel Simons, Lynda Balslev and Danielle Oron for sharing your knowledge, recipes and the stories behind them.

Whether you’re looking for a weekend baking project (we suggest Yemenite kubaneh, a buttery slow-baked Shabbat bread that makes the best Saturday breakfast), an easy no-bake dessert (hello, Israeli icebox cake!) or pure comfort food in the form of meltingly tender stuffed onions and tomatoes, you’ll find it in “The Nosher’s Essential Israeli Dishes.” Get your copy on Amazon now

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