How to Make Challah: A Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners

Challah is the one bread that you enjoy looking at almost as much as you enjoy eating. This classic eggy, slightly-sweet bread is rife with symbolism, representing home, family, and tradition.

There are so many ways to braid challah, but for the beginners out there, this illustration will get started.

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Ready to make your own? Here are some of our favorite challah recipes:

Classic Challah Recipe
Challah with a Chinese Twist
Savory Za’atar Challah
The Ultimate Gluten-Free Challah

Illustration by Aly Miller.

Keep on Noshing

Savory Za’atar Challah

The addition of Middle Eastern spices gives this challah a subtle flavor that is perfect with a savory meal.

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The food rainbow craze has already hit bagels and grilled cheese. Now it livens up this Sabbath bread.

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