Goodbye Greens, Hello Cake: My New Nursing Diet

Most weeks I talk about what I am eating, baking and cooking – this week I am going to share with you what I haven’t been eating.

For those of you who don’t know, I have an amazing little baby girl who is almost 5 months old. I am breastfeeding which I love.  But breastfeeding for me has proven to be much like my pregnancy: the little alien dictates the menu.

Throughout my pregnancy, I devoured produce: containers of raspberries, entire watermelons and in some weeks three bags of kale all on my own. I adore simple roasted cauliflower and brussel sprouts, as I have discussed many times in this space – and I ate these my the bowl-full, throughout my pregnancy as well.

But my little lady Goldberg has had other plans for me and my formerly healthful eating habits since she was born. I have not been able to eat vegetables, particularly leafy green vegetables – my favorite! Instead, I am eating sweet potatoes, avocado, tons of fruit. But each time I try to eat salad or some spinach – nope, the little lady protests with a tummy ache.

And so in place of veggies I am almost embarrassed to admit I have developed a rather serious addiction to CAKE. I suppose, that as a baker, this is not an altogether surprising replacement for vegetables. After all, a priest once told me that chocolate is a vegetable since it comes from a bean. And who wants to argue with a priest (especially when his logic seems so…delicious).

And while I agree cake does not replace the healthful benefits of spinach, broccoli or kale…for now it will simply have to do. But I am open to suggestions – let me know if you have any recipes to try (or tips to break the cake addiction). Until then you’ll find me in the bakery section.