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Whether we like it or not, what we ate growing up shapes us one way or another. While some take pride in re-creating their mother’s recipes, others prefer to start culinary traditions of their own. For Dawn Lerman, it was definitely the latter.

New York Times Wellness Blogger and nutritionist, Dawn Lerman grew up with a diet-obsessed and overweight father. In My Fat Dad: A Memoir of Food, Love, and Family, with Recipes, she shares tales from her Jewish upbringing in Chicago and New York City. More than 50 of her favorite recipes, each with a story of their own, accompany her memoir. Try out her Passover-friendly Pecan Bites recipe here!

Through it all, her grandmother, Beauty was the voice of reason, teaching her how to make chicken soup and cook with fresh produce. She writes:

When I was growing up we never had real food in our house. My 450-pound ad man father only consumed diet products with a marketing promise attached. My mom, a liberated women of the 60’s and a wanna-be actress had no interest in cooking or domestic chores. I was always hungry both physically and emotionally except for the weekends I spent with my grandmother Beauty.

On a lifelong mission to learn how to cook and eat well, Lerman tells all. We’re hooked, and we hope you are too! Enter our giveaway below…and tell your friends! We will choose one lucky winner on March 30th.

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