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Einstein Bros. Put Mac & Cheese on a Bagel Because Why Not?

The newest bagel mash-up is a cheesy, carb-laden masterpiece.

Americans do a lot of weird and wacky stuff to bagels: from flamin’ hot cheeto-flavored to rainbow bagels, we’ve gone well beyond plain or everything bagels topped with cream cheese and lox.

Popular bagel chain Einstein Bros. have recently joined the ranks with the launch of three new “craveable flavors across America”: a green chile bagel representing the Southwest, a hash brown bagel representing the South, and a mac & cheese bagel representing the Midwest.

While most weird bagel combinations — like beet bagels or kimchi cream cheese — completely gross me out, and while I am far from a nice Midwestern gal, I love comfort food and I am deeply intrigued by this cheesy, carb love child. After all, I love mac & cheese. And I love bagels. What could be bad about this mash-up, other than the fact that the closest location to me is at LaGuardia airport? Guess it’s summer road trip time.

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